Vivian Maier 2015/ 2016

Kids in car

Neon Street Scene

Self-Portrait Weight & Fortune

Police and man on ground

2 matching boys

Aerial street scene

2 girls with ice cream

Aerial view of truck

Woman in mirror

2 women window shopping

Untitled 3 kids

Kids with masks

Kids digging for clams

Self-Portrait dress


Self-Portrait Chicago

Self-Portrait Sting Ray

Self-Portrait bicycle

Self-Portrait beauty shop

Self-Portrait snow

Self-Portrait Time magazine

Self-Portrait 1960

Young woman with ring

Woman in car with cigarette 1953

Aerial shot of school 1960


Family on beach 1960

Girl with purse

Lena Horne

Girl with cat

Girls with coins

Child in car

Child crying New York 1954

School crossing New York

Couple with balloons

2 children Canada

Crowd with balloons

Jeweler through window New York 1950

Man in bar swimming

Central Park

Man 1959

Paulsons 1960

Homeless man LA 1959

Family in front of car 1953

Sailor Chicago 1966

Old men on bench

Stacks of boxes

City Cowboy

Street scene snow

Coca Cola signs 1959

Bus at dusk c. 1970 Chicago

Snow street scene New York 1955

Street water scene

Bed Springs

Exposed wall September 1956

Man with bandaged head 1976

Yellow Shorts 1973

Sex Happy Bastard

Help Keep our City Clean 1957

Fire escapes Chicago 1956

Burnt chair New York 1954

Boy peering into moving box

Young boy looking through window

Ladies looking 1 with hat

Portrait of a Lady Smiling

2 Ladies in Conversation