Lezley Saar – Monad


Not Born Under a Rhyming Planet

Cellestial Bridge

The Universe Sent Me

Lets Talk of Space Sadness

Ill be damned if Im gonna waste any ectoplasm doing it

Lysosome Languidity

The Lunatic, the Chaste and the Unexpressive

Bemused Resignation

Cosmic Tones for Metal Therapy

Mitochondrial Muses

Centrioles Later


The Mystery of Two

The Self of Me

Whose Reality Are You

The Pugilist

I gave birth to some wood chips

My home is a cell

The lump in my pants means I love you

The extraordinary story of Alfred of the upside down land

How the birth, life and death of an irrigation ditch

Camouflage in two worlds

The future belongs to those who prepare for it

The swineherd who wanted a castle

How the race of flowers got a bad name

Queer little footpaths

Saw you the weird sister

Searches in vain for

This is dangerous sport

Her friends thought she was going insane

Risen from ruins

The Beloved Graceful Suspension

This bodes some strange eruption

Where the magic of a glass of water starts its journey

Firstborn finds drama in the dark

Why do animals that never were laugh and cry

How butter goes to sleep

Men – and Women too

The Mystery of Telegraphing