Deedee Cheriel :: Cosmic Connections Preview

  • Bringing Truth to Light 48 x 60
  • Illusions of Truth, Delusions of Love
  • Unconditional Love
  • The Illusions of Words vs Behaviors 48 x 36
  • We must take responsibility for our experiences or we cannot change them
  • Dancing in the Light of the Unknown
  • The Miracle Workers
  • Naked and Unafraid in our Authentic Selves
  • We are the same spirit.  The illusion of separation sparks fault finding in another
  • I know you walked with the flower but I can love you from afar
  • There is no place that you start and I begin The Oneness The Hug That Which is Eternally True
  • This isn't about you, but between me and my enlightened self
  • Wait until the river runs to your door
  • Enlightenment is to love past this moment and grow
  • Truth is Simple the world is complicated
  • The ego is a scavenger beast searching for fault in others