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February 11th – February 25th
::  The Art Of Behind The Scenes – Finch & Partners.

 Selection of unique on set, and behind-the-scenes movie stills. 

The world of cinema allows us all to dream, every member of a film set is an artist in their individual field; from Actor to director, cameraman to editor, costume designer to sound recordist and so on, they all contribute to the final story and product. It is this artistic ingenuity and resolute role of photography that we celebrate with this special exhibit.

‘ The Art of Behind the Scenes’  is a unique photographic exhibition that captures in the photographer’s lenses spontaneous snapshots of life during the making of some of the greatest films of the 21st century.

The show aims to showcase the skill of the stills photographers who’s talents are often overlooked and uncelebrated.

These moments frozen in time not only speak volumes about the experience of creative creation, but also shine a light into previously unseen corners of silver screen legends. It is these elements that make ‘The Art of Behind the Scenes’ such a unique and magical exhibition. 

The photographs capture moments of the natural glamour of icons including Grace Kelly resting between shots on the set of ‘High Society’, Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Luc Godard, arm-in-arm during the filming of ‘Le Mepris’ in 1963 Capri.

The photographs also show the beautifully pregnant pauses between the actions; from Michael Caine relaxing on a deck chair during the filming of Guy Green’s 1968 film ‘The Magus on Mallorca’ to a pensive David Lean captured between takes of ‘ Dr Zhivago’ in 1964.

The power of a great photograph to evoke emotion thought and memory continues to astound all of us. Cinema now as ever brings people together and magnifies dreams.

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